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WHY NO 4G in Phoenix

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Dear Sprint.

I am now on my second 4G capable phone (first was the Evo 4G, now Evo 3D) and I still do not have 4G service here in Phoenix. You have a total of 4 towers to support your customers in the third largest city in the Western United States. It is incredibly disappointing when you take a look at the map on Clearwire's website ( Zoom in on Phoenix Arizona and you will see only 4 towers scattered throughougt this huge metropolitan area. You are only supplying a handfull of customers here in Phoenix with 4G service. What gives? Why has it taken you guys so long to get your act together with Clearwire to continue rolling out Wimax? If Sprint wants to retain customers here in Phoenix, I would highly suggest rolling out a wide-spread, functional 4G network soon. I posted a thread about this almost 1 year ago, and still you have not posted any response to why there is no wide-spread 4G here in Phoenix. I just want to let you know that I have heard some current Sprint users discussing the fact that there is going to be a change to our policy in the near future, and there will be users jumping ship. Most likely they will leave for Verizon, as they already have a much larger 4G LTE network in place. You must know by now that Verizon has a bigger 4G network. Why are you letting them trample over you guys with LTE? I've heard that Sprint is switching to 4G LTE service in the future. Well, that's great, but what about the Wimax we were supposed to get? I've gone through two phones with Sprint now that are supposedly 4G capable, and yet I can't use it! This is my last plea to Sprint regarding this, as I just don't have the time or patience to keep begging Sprint for a decent 4G rollout here in Phoenix.


I am starting to think that Sprint ignores and or dislikes Phoenix. If you would like to prove me wrong, why don't you at least acknowledge the HUGE failure that has become of the non-Wimax rollout here in Phoenix, and more importantly, GIVE US A DATE WHEN IT IS COMING!


I would say thanks, but honestly, you should be thanking me for staying with you guys through this fiasco.

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    I certainly agree that we need to increase our 4G service coverage.  I assure you we are still expanding our network all the time.  I do apologize that you are not able to receive Wimax coverage at your location.  You can keep informed about new cities that are added by going to



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    WHAT? Clear has stated they were not adding any new wimax 4G markets.

    There have been no new announcements by Sprint of any new cities since December of last year, Now that both Sprint and Clear are switching to LTE none of the current 4G phones will work on LTE. So unless your area has WiMax 4G now chances are it never will.

    ""There are no plans to continue expanding its current WiMax network, as the company is shifting its priorities to the LTE build out.""


    Read more:

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    I personally take phone calls from customers all the time who are on their Overdrive Hotspot device, or aircard, or 4G phone and they are picking it up yet it is not yet on the Sprint 4G coverage map.  When I look at my Clear tool it shows new service.  At my own house I'm able to pick up 4G recently and this is not yet on the map.  Just from my own personal experience I can tell you we are adding new 4G coverage locations. 


    @ Levi4u - You left out the part where they said they intend to continue to expand coverage as the funds are available.

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    They never stated that.

    ""We plan to maintain the WiMAX network for a significant period of time to serve our present customers. We believe WiMAX will continue to represent an appealing product for certain market segments.""

    ""As we prepare to implement LTE technology on our network, we expect marginal expansion of our WiMAX coverage from limited augments and operating markets and fulfillment of our remaining FCC license requirements.""

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    Also, Since Clears announcement Sprint has removed the option to "Sign Up" to be notified of 4G announcements/roll outs. Hmmmm, Wonder why?


    Clearwire posts wider loss as it curbs expansion

    Clearwire Corp., which runs a wireless data network, on Wednesday reported an expanding loss as it curbed its ambitions and wrote down the value of some network expansion projects it is abandoning.

    Clearwire is scratching its expansion plans because it's finding it hard to raise money for the chronically unprofitable network. Sprint Nextel Corp., which owns just less than a majority of the company, and other investors like Google Inc. appear unwilling to invest further.

    Clearwire currently uses an earlier fourth-generation, or 4G, technology known as WiMax. The move to LTE will help expand the range of devices that can use the network, but existing WiMax devices could eventually be stranded. Clearwire didn't say when or if it would start shutting down WiMax.

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    WHAT?!  Clearwire isn't going to be expanding their WiMax deployments?!  I'm spending $300+ a month for 4 lines (all for Samsung Epic 4G phones) and I will NEVER get to use the 4G capability?  Because they're going to 4g LTE?

    Really Sprint?  I've been a LOYAL customer for well over a decade! 

    Now I'm finding the **** near $1K I spent some time ago on these phones to be useless in the VERY near future?  Why?  Why would you abondend your customers? 

    I'm soooooo sick of this BS!  Next contract renewal is in 1.75 years.  If I don't have 4G by then, I'm switching to Verizon. 

    I'm done w/ the BS and the lies.

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